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Since 1967
Dance Max was established by Grace Callahan in 1967.
Starting with a handful of students, the school now has over 300. It has been managed by Ann-Marie Callahan since 1997.

Our Philosophy - The Friendly School
Since 1967, the aim of our lessons has always been to equip our students with polished performance skills, solid technique and most importantly, a genuine & lifelong love of dance.

  • We don't pick favourites
  • All students feature equally in dances
  • We have a positive class atmosphere

Dance should be a truly wonderful experience. Our teachers go through an internal training program which emphasises our values & positive teaching techniques.

The current principal, Ann-Marie Callahan, was belittled as a 5 year old at another school. She didn't want to continue dance but her mother wisely sought out a more positive school. As a result, Ann-Marie went on to develop a love of dance & has had almost a lifelong association both with dancing & with this school.