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When do classes start in 2017?
Classes will start on Monday 30th January.
Check out the Important Dates page for our terms & other important dates.

Do I need to put my name down on a list?
You don't need to, just come along & try a class. Classes are normally limited to 20 students & are not full at the beginning of the year. If you'd feel more comfortable putting your name down on a list, please complete an Enrolment Form & mail or fax it to us. We'll put your name down & send you a confirmation via email or SMS.

What should be worn to a trial class?
Please don't buy any dancewear until you've tried the class. To try the class, just wear clothing that is comfortable to move in.

For Tippy Toes;
Dress-ups are great. We're used to seeing fairies & even superheroes.

For Ballet & Contemporary;
T-shirt & leggings or tracksuits with barefeet.

For Jazz;
T-shirt & leggings or tracksuits with sneakers.

If you're happy with the class & wish to continue, then please purchase the appropriate uniform.

Tippy Toes Uniform
Ballet Uniform
Jazz Uniform

Can parents watch the classes?
You are absolutely welcome to watch the first lesson that your child attends. For Tippy Toes classes, this is normally a necessity to ensure that child & parent are both comfortable! For subsequent lessons, parents won't be in the room. This is not to be unkind to parents, it's because the students focus better without having parents & siblings in the room.

For Tippy Toes classes, it sometimes takes two or even three lessons with the parent in the room before the child is comfortable. Over the years, we've become skilled at keeping child & parent happy when joining our classes.

Can I deduct the trial class from the term fees?
No, while many schools insist that you pay for a term's fees to try out a class, we want you to be able to try a class without committing to paying a whole term. We hope that your dancer will be happy with the class & will want to continue. But if they don't wish to continue, you haven't wasted a whole term's fees & you don't even have to pay for that class. If you do decide to continue, that first class will be included in your term fees.