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Have you always wanted to dance? Perhaps you danced when you were a child but dance hasn't yet made a return to your life.

In 2023, we're offering several adults dance classes:

  • Adults Ballet - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels

  • Adults Contemporary

  • Adults Jazz

They are a great way to improve your:

  • Fitness

  • Core stability

  • Flexibility

These classes will exercise your mind as well as your body & they're also great fun!

Annual Concert?

The adults groups typically perform in our annual concert. For some of our dancers, this rekindles an old flame and they love the concert as much as our younger students. If you decide that performing on stage is not for you, that's fine as well. We understand that everyone is different and you can feel equally at home in our classes whether you decide to perform or not.

Irregular Attendance?
If family, work or work travel mean you won't be able to attend regularly, you can pay for adult classes on a casual basis.

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