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Fun & Fresh
Our jazz & street funk lessons are popular. They are a combination of jazz, hip hop & funk. The use of the latest music keeps our lessons fun & fresh. Our choreography reflects the styles seen on music videos on TV.

Age-Specific Classes
We have a range of age-specific classes for students from 5 years & upwards. Ideally, a student should also do ballet to develop the best muscular control, strength & technique.

Performance Opportunities
Students perform routines in our annual concert. Some classes get really keen and other performance opportunities are made available. Performing is entirely optional & there's no pressure to participate in performances. Having said that, most students love the experience!

Our Jazz/Hip Hop Uniform

  • Dance Max T-Shirt
    (available in white or black)

  • Black leggings

  • Black jazz shoes or black jazz sneakers

Optional classwear includes black/purple crop tops, singlets & shorts. The correct versions can be purchased from Blochs Hornsby.

The Dance Max T-Shirt is purchased from Dance Max. It will be available for purchase at your class. It is required for any public performances, including the Christmas demonstration/party.

The jazz shoes & sneakers are purchased from a Blochs store or online retailer. Our nearest Blochs stores are at Westfield Hornsby or Westfield Chatswood. For an online retailer, you could try

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