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Love being on stage?

For students wishing to hone their technique and performance skills, Dance Max offers performance classes.

In addition to the annual concert, we seek out performance opportunities for these groups. We also participate in several Eisteddfods to promote teamwork and provide a goal to work toward.

While some dance schools view Eisteddfods in a very competitive way, we emphasise the positive aspects of the experience and encourage our students to interact positively with other competitors.

Planned Performances in 2019
Annual Concert
Beecroft Presbyterian Fete
Hornsby Relay for Life

Wahroonga Fair
Christmas Party

Please Note
It is imperative that members of the Performance Class prioritise dance above other sporting & cultural commitments to ensure that the group can perform when required.

Performance Class members are required to do at least one other Dance Max dance per week in addition to the Performance Class.

The Performance Classes are by audition & invitation only.

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