R.A.D. Classical Ballet

Dance Max offers tuition in Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D), with classes ranging from Pre-Primary to Advanced. Our ballet teachers are all highly experienced, R.A.D. qualified and were themselves trained in the syllabus when they were young dancers.

A Positive Experience
Students don’t continue their ballet training unless they feel that they are making progress and enjoying their classes. We strive to create a positive learning environment in which both these objectives are met.

Two Classes Per Week
From Grade Two, we recommend that students attend two lessons per week. It's not compulsory, but we find that those students who attend two lessons per week feel more comfortable with their knowledge of the syllabus & get much more enjoyment & satisfaction from their ballet.

Ideal for Building Dance Technique
No matter what style of dance our students might want to later pursue, classical ballet provides the young dancer with the best possible underlying dance technique, which is why we recommend classical ballet as the starting point for all young dancers.

Our Ballet Uniform

Pre-Primary & Primary

Pale lavender microlux leotard with short sleeves
Pale lavender crossover skirt
Pink ballet socks
Pink ballet shoes with elastics

Grades 1,2

Turquoise microlux leotard
Turquoise crossover style skirt
Flesh pink ballet tights (Not Theatrical)
Pink ballet shoes with elastics
Black character shoes, low heel
Black character skirt

Grades 3,4,5

Berry microlux cami strap leotard
Pink ballet shoes with ribbons
Flesh pink ballet tights (Not Theatrical)
Black character shoes, higher heel
Black character skirt


Black leotard (for exams)
Any coloured leotard (for class)
Pink ballet shoes with ribbons
Pointe shoes with ribbons

Safe Dancing

Teaching dance without sensitivity to a student's individual physical limitations can result in injury.

The Director, Ann-Marie Callahan & Senior Classical Teacher, Juliana Elliott, have completed the R.A.D. Teachers Certificate which included modules on anatomy from the University of Surrey. Ann-Marie is also a fully qualified Pilates instructor. They can recognise if your child has any structural or muscular weaknesses and will modify exercises to ensure that their dance training is safe, beneficial and injury-free.

Exam/Assessment Process

Students have choices about how they progress through the R.A.D. Syllabus. For students seeking to build technique and primarily enjoy dancing, R.A.D. offers assessments where each student qualifies for a certificate of completion.

R.A.D. also offers examinations where higher levels of performance are expected and a graded result is awarded.

While assessment students may attend one ballet lesson per week, examination students must attend two or more lessons per week.

Assessments and examinations are optional and there is no pressure for students to undertake either unless they wish to.