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There is One Performance

Each class performs an item in the concert. The concert is kept to an audience-friendly length. Performers must arrive 90 minutes before the performance to get ready.


Costumes are hired from Dance Max. Costume hire for each item is generally between $55 & $75. Costumes are handed out to each class at the Dress Rehearsal and photos are taken of each group in their costume. Please note that costumes must never be taken home at any time.


Apart from the concert, there is a Dress Rehearsal. The Dress Rehearsal is normally held a week before the concert. It is designed to make sure that each group is well costumed for the concert. While most groups will find that their costumes fit well and are appropriate for their dance, a few groups will need to have different costuming arrangements made. This is the purpose of the Dress Rehearsal and should not be a cause for alarm. It is really important that all dancers attend both the dress rehearsal & the concert. We provide plenty of advance notice and we ask that our dancers prioritise these rehearsals over any sporting or cultural commitments on these 2 days.

Normal dance classes are NOT held on the days of the Dress Rehearsal or the Concert.

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