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Boys Hip Hop.

The classes are designed for seven to twelve year olds. Students dance in a boys-only environment to facilitate a more masculine style of movement.


Boys learn movements such as:

  • Air Swipes

  • Popping

  • Rainbow Flips

  • Over Shoulder Rolls

  • Handstand Twist Turns

  • Freezes

  • Coffee Grinders

  • Worms

  • Helicopters

While doing dance lessons can sometimes have a stigma attached for boys, we find that our Boys Hip Hop students are not only happy to acknowledge that they do these lessons, but often share the tricks and skills they learn in our classes with their school friends.

Having been introduced to dance by these classes, some of our boys graduate to our senior hip hop classes.

Black sneakers, black Dance Max T-Shirt. Please note that school uniforms cannot be worn in class.

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