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Performance Details

Concert Date:​             Sunday 25th June
Venue:                       The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Performers Arrive: 4:00 pm
Concert Starts:      5:30 pm
Concert Ends:       7:30 pm (Estimate)

Students should arrive at the Stage Door with their hair & makeup done, excluding lipstick.
On arrival, they will find their group, briefly rehearse & then get into their costume.
Lipstick should be brought but not applied. The most suitable lipstick will be selected & shared amongst the class to create a uniform look. Lipstick will be applied using individual cotton buds.


There is onsite parking. Weekend price is $8 flat rate. The maximum vehicle height is 2.2 metres. Concourse advises that the car park entrance is on Ferguson Lane via Archer Street. They note that there is no right turn from Archer Street, so aim to approach so that you will turn left into Ferguson Lane.

You can avoid parking issues by taking the train or bus. It's a 5 minute walk from Chatswood Interchange. Please check whether there is any trackwork as services might be delayed.

Stage Door Access

Backstage access to the Concourse is via the Stage Door located on the corner of Anderson Street & Ferguson Lane. If arriving by car & parking underneath, exit the lifts at street level & continue out onto Anderson Street. The stage door will be a few metres to your right via the footpath.

Costume Handling

The dressing rooms at ​Concourse are behind & underneath the stage area. Each dressing room will contain a sign indicating which classes should be in that room. Inside each room, there will be a "Costume Sign" for each group. Costumes for that group will be left beneath the sign. Each costume will be in a bag labelled with the student's name on it.

Students should not eat or drink (except water) while in costume. As they have to be ready 90 minutes before the performance, it's a good idea to have a late lunch or afternoon tea before arriving so they don't get too hungry. There are many cafes & restaurants close by.

After performing, the student should place their costume back into the labelled bag. The bag should be left under the "Costume Sign" for each group.

REALLY IMPORTANT - Costumes must never be taken home at any time.

Please ensure that costumes are not worn outside the theatre. Costumes are fragile & easily damaged. It is a condition of hire that you pay to repair any damage caused to your costume.

Audience Notes

The theatre takes a while to fill up. So you don't miss the start of the concert & can get to your seats while the house lights are still on, the hall can be entered up to 15 minutes before each show. Seating is numbered, so please take care to sit in the correct seats.

The performance duration is expected to be 2 hours. This includes a 20 minute interval.

Prams & Strollers

Due to OH&S requirements; prams, ​strollers & baby capsules cannot be taken into the theatre. The ushers can advise where to leave these items during the show.

Photography & Video

Please don't take video or photographs at the concert. Professional photos & videos are available. In the dark of the theatre, the glare from video viewfinders & mobile phone screens wrecks the view of the audience members sitting behind. Audience members who disregard this rule & compromise the enjoyment of their fellow audience members will be asked to leave.

During The Show - Dance Max Students
Students dancing in the show will not require a ticket. They will remain with their group in the dressing room for the duration of the concert. Similarly, class coordinators will remain with their group for the duration of the show.

During The Show - Tippy Toes Students
Tippy Toes students will perform in the first half of the program (ie before Interval). They will remain backstage with their class coordinator until Interval. At Interval, Tippy Toes students should be collected by their parents from the dressing rooms underneath the theatre. Should the Tippy Toes coordinator or students wish to watch the remainder of the show with their family in the audience, they should purchase tickets. If your Tippy Toes student can fit comfortably on your lap without impacting the view of those seated behind, you do not need to purchase a child ticket for them.

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