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Our dance classes are now delivered online using


You Will Need


Dance Space

A small space in your home will be fine. Please move any furniture & objects out of the way to remove obstacles & trip hazards. If there is a choice of spaces, try to have one where other family members won’t walk through or be seen during the class.



An internet connected device (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) which has a camera & speaker. Please position the device in front of you so that your entire body is visible in your dance space. We have found that putting the camera up above head height works better.


How To Get Going
We will send you an email with a link from Zoom. Click on the link. You will have the option to use Zoom through a web browser or through the Zoom app. We recommend downloading the zoom app. It would be appreciated if you could setup a free Zoom account for each of your dancers so that we will see their name (rather than your name) on the screen.

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Hardwood Floor
Quiet Desk
Girl Lacing Up Her Shoes
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